Lazlo – XML coding

Dave Temkin, CTO of Lazlo Systems started promising blog with a great Lazlo overview.
Lazlo is an XML-based development environment and deployment environment for building rich internet applications. Basically, the compiler outputs SWF-files.
It takes some time to get used to the verbose XML syntax, but it looks like a couple of major players are moving in the XML/UI direction, e.g. XAML within Longhorn or XUL in Mozilla.
However, I’m pretty sure that using XML for UI development won’t change the basic premise: UI development is damn hard. I’m not talking “Hello World” type apps here, folks. I’m talking UIs for complex real-world applications.
How do we enable developers to create visually appealing, consistent UIs? How do we empower developers to extend the set of given UI controls in a consistent & straightforward manner? The latter is what all UI development environments/class libraries/frameworks etc. fail. But the latter is what UI developers are struggling with.
Using XML doesn’t change anything.