More on weeding

Sarah Allen follows up on the metaphor of gardening & software development introduced by Ned Batchelder.
As I said in a previous post, weeding is extremly important. But I wouldn’t consider weeding a second-class activity. Actually, it’s a first-class activity. If you don’t remove the weeds, you’ll end up with software rot – the plants you (and your customers) expect to grow and flourish won’t bring out the enjoyable fruit. And the longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to get rid of the weeds. They spread fast.
Plus, weeding is enjoyable. You know that you’ve made a substantial contribution to your code and you’ll reap the benefits tomorrow. Even on a rainy day when you just can’t wrap your mind around the hard problem you’re expected to tackle.
Uhm, looks like I get carried away with the metaphor now ­čÖé
Removing weeds isn’t rocket science. But more often than not, rocket science isn’t required to improve your code.

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