All things to all people – On vertical software

I recently ran across a marketing blog talking about trying to be all things to all people. In this context it was recommended to focus on a small target market first, e.g. small & home office.
Just for the record.
Small & home office is not a target market. It’s just a categorization of businesses in terms of size (no# of employees).
Haircutters are probably a small business. The local burrito take-out shop also qualifies as a small business. I’m pretty sure that the burrito shops’ software requirements differ quite substantially from those of the haircutter next door.
Interesting enough, trades like woodworkers probably look like a target market, too. Look closer. They’re not. There are folks specializing in doing kitchens, folks doing office furniture, folks doing restauration, shopfitters, folks specializing in windows or doors, folks designing and creating stairs etc. Most likely, a shop specializing in designing and producing windows has very different requirements from a shop doing stairs. And I’m just giving the birds-eye overview here.

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