On MacOS 10.4 and Sherlocking…

A couple of impressive features in MacOS 10.4 (Tiger). I like Spotlight, iChat AV conferencing, RSS in Safari etc.
However, it looks like Apple ran over the developers of Konfabulator and to some, way lesser extent, the various RSS readers.
Having been affected badly myself by Apple’s decision to shelf OpenDoc in 1997, I think I qualify for some comments on this matter.
If you are working with a company much larger than yours providing you with software infrastructure (OS, host application etc.), there’s always the risk of being run over. Especially if your application is pretty generic or fills a gaping hole in the hosting infrastructure.
Get over it. Shit happens. If you are as smart & creative as you think you are, you won’t have trouble coming up with something new & even cooler tomorrow.
Note that I don’t say Apple couldn’t have done better.

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