Aug 04

Automated Daily Builds…

…are great.
However, it looks like there are some folks taking automated builds to the extreme (It sure looks like those folks have too much time on their hands).
Very cool.

Aug 04


Great article on FIT by Michael Feathers.

Aug 04

Math Installments…

…by Justin Rogers. For your browsing convenience, here are links to the first four installments:
Math Installment #4: Bounding Regions
Math Installment #3: A quick look at wavy text
Math Installment #2: I needed some circular oriented text
Math Installment #1: Image layout logic

Aug 04

Deleting Code

by Ned Batchelder.

Aug 04

Variable Naming Conventions

Mikhail makes a case for hungarian notation.
There are two large gaping holes in his argument:

  • Naming variables a, b, c leaves a lot to be desired. Actually, as far as our team is concerned, if you would use a variable name like this in a method longer than 3 lines I would probably shoot you right away. No questions asked. Of course, you’re welcome to use ‘i’, ‘j’ or ‘k’ in a three line for loop (if there’s no iterator available).
  • If methods are that long to make you wonder if a specific variable was passed by reference or value, you’re in for a major refactoring job before making any changes to the method

And don’t get me started on hungarian notation.

Aug 04

Platz 5

Beinahe meine Voraussage getroffen. War klar, daß es nicht für eine Medaille reichen würde.

Aug 04

Guy Kawasaki…

…on presentations:

They suck: too many slides, too much information on the slides, too small font, and “read” not “spoken.” (via beyond bullets).

Here‘s the whole enchilada. Eat, uhm, read it now.

Aug 04


…even yours truly found out about IT Conversations. Pretty cool. Looks like I need an iPod now. ­čÖé

Aug 04


Franziska van Almsik, 200m Freistil – 6. Platz.

Aug 04


gone wild.
Spending more time on creating useful, readable & understandable function/method/variable/contant names is time well spent. And you’ll find you can cut back on comments substantially. Especially as those comments tend to be cut/copy/pasted across your source code files and you’ll end up with a significant amount of comments which don’t relate to the method/function they were supposed to comment.