Reading feeds

Robert Scoble talks about how he’s reading approx. 1000 Feeds.
You’re clicking an awful lot, Robert. I’m reading only 275 feeds at this time, but it looks like I’m somewhat more efficient. NetNewsWire allows me to read all my feeds just by hitting the space bar on my keyboard. No clicks. No labouring with Fitt’s law. Plus, the space bar is pretty, uhm, easy to hit.
Every time I’m hitting space, NetNewsWire advances to the next unread post, scrolls entries which won’t fit on a page etc. Very efficient. If I encounter a post which I would like to comment on or read more in-depth, I press “->” and the post will be loaded in a separate tab.
The feeds are organized by relevance, which means I will read our companies internal feeds first, then feeds related to software development in general, usual suspects etc.
I’m pretty sure NewsGator allows for keyboard navigation, too (although this would pretty hard on a Tablet PC, wouldn’t it?)

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