Dec 04


…a great story: Skunkworks At Apple — The Graphing Calculator Story (Via Studio Log.)

Dec 04

Ambrai Smalltalk

New version of Ambrai Smalltalk for MacOS X.

Dec 04

Shipping software

christopher baus.net: “You might know everything about strong exception safety, but if you haven’t actually shipped anything, what good is it?”

Dec 04

Why declaring C++ functions as “inline” is a waste of time…

Christopher Baus:

A few years ago there was a lot of discussion in the C/C++ community regarding the advantages of inlining of fuctions. The debate has been settled. The inline keyword exists as a hint to the complier. There are cases when inlining makes sense, but according to Mark Lacey of the Microsoft compiler team, the compiler ignores your advice. It decides what to inline and what to outline for you (ok it is possible to override this with a Microsoft specific keyword, but it isn’t recommended). And the larger the program, the LESS chance that code it will be inlined.

Dec 04

Developer testing

Video webcast of Kent Beck’s presentation on Developer testing. There’s also a 1h mp3 at IT conversations.
Required listening.

Dec 04

Frequent Releases

Ron Jeffries on Frequent Releases.
Exactly the challenge we’re facing right now.
Anyway, if you’re a software engineer and you’re not reading Ron’s blog on a regular basis, you’re missing out on something big time.

Dec 04

Scoville Units

Kitchen Notes: Scoville Units.

Dec 04

Visualizing basic algebra

Grounded Proofs: “Last weekend, I shared some interesting properties of numbers with my kids.

Very cool post by Oliver Steele. Lots of math gems in his blog archive, too.

Dec 04

How Not To Request A Feature

Rogue Amoeba – Under The Microscope : How Not To Request A Feature:

  1. Be aware that you don’t represent all of our users.
  2. Don’t browbeat us.
  3. Our job isn’t as easy as it looks.

Excellent. Recommended reading.

Dec 04


Admittedly, upgrading the memory on a Swiss Army knife is pretty cool (Via rentzsch.com: Tales from the Red Shed).
However, the Victorinox folks have to integrate the USB-stick into the CyberTool knife. This would be the perfect christmas present for yours truly.