Jan 05

The Developer Testing Paradox

The Developer Testing Paradox:

The root cause of most software project failures, and of the poor general health of most software, is the lack of early-stage unit testing.

The metrics presented are a little bit off IMHO, especially when dealing with legacy systems. Still an excellent read.

Jan 05


Two excellent posts on TDD (Test-Driven-Development) by Keith Ray:

Jan 05

Asterix RSS

Comedix.de nun auch mit RSS-Feed.

Jan 05

Managing Multi-Tasking in a Small Group

Johanna Rothmann:

‘If we take time to add tests, we can’t add as many features.’

You’re absolutely right. But here’s the problem. You’re not adding the features now. You’re adding broken almost-features. That’s not helping the customers. The customers deserve to have features that work.

Jan 05


Zitat aus dem Bericht der Süddeutschen Zeitung zum 225.-jährigen Jubiläum der Neuen Züricher Zeitung:

Willy Bretscher (Chefredakteur der NZZ von 1933-1967, 68 Jahre Mitarbeiter der NZZ) sagte der Legende nach einmal zu einem renitenten Leser:

“Sie sind nicht würdig, diese Zeitung zu lesen. Ich entziehe Ihnen Ihr Abonnement.”

Wahnsinn. Eine Zeitung mit dieser Haltung muß man eigentlich abonnieren.

Jan 05

Phenomenally good engineering

Here are two quotes from a CNBC interview of Steve Jobs:

“If there is one word that categorizes the culture at Apple concerning products, its ‘excellence'”
“I think Apple’s core expertise outside of phenomenally good engineering is really to figure out how to make complex technology easy to use by us mere mortals.”

Wether you’re an Apple devotee or not, those are great goals for the engineering/products division of any company.
(Via AppleInsider).

Jan 05

Boinx Software – Mouseposé

Boinx Software – Mouseposé.
Very cool. How about a Windows version?

Jan 05

CodeGuru: Polygon Clipping

CodeGuru: Polygon Clipping.

Jan 05

Thinking FORTH

Ahhh, sweet bird of youth: Thinking FORTH (via Mark Bernstein).

Jan 05

On GUI Conventions

Dave Heller:

As IT systems finally make their way into the non-info service sector such as health care practices, blue collar e-learning, etc. we are starting to really see that our notions of “(GUI) conventions” even the most basic are just totally bogus. People can’t even use a mouse, let alone know that a blue under lined piece of text means something that will show me something else.

(via Sarah Allen)