Mar 05

European table-tennis championships…

…live on Eurosport. Kudos to Eurosport for the live coverage and supplying a competent commentator (René Adler). The very first competent table-tennis commentator I’ve listened to in years.
Denkmark just won. Bengtsen was amazing.

Mar 05

One loop per method

Cyrille talks about one loop per method and how breaking up a loop into processing things and processing a thing helps structuring the code.
Having one if...then...else statement helps, too. While you’re at it, get rid of the else. Way to complex.
If you think I’m joking, you’re wrong. I’m not.

Mar 05


support call.

Mar 05

The first rule of debugging

Martin Fowler:

“Early on in my programming youth an older programmer taught me the first rule of debugging – the bug’s always in your code, not the compiler”


Mar 05

Tell, Don’t Ask

You should endeavor to tell objects what you want them to do; do not ask them questions about their state, make a decision, and then tell them what to do.

Source: Tell, Don’t Ask.

Mar 05

Evolving the architecture of a system

Uncle Bob on IncrementalArchitecture.

Mar 05

Next generation UI development?

Adobe’s Adam & Eve (Via Lambda The Ultimate)
Cool stuff (but it sure has a smell of over-engineering).

Mar 05

‘LinkBack’ brings embedded objects to Mac OS X

Macworld: News: ‘LinkBack’ brings embedded objects to Mac OS X.
I smell OpenDoc. Yeeeha!