Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

You may have varied opinions on him & the company he represents, but check out the Channel 9 interview with Steve Ballmer.
Can you imagine a German CEO of a multi-billion dollar shop, let’s say our dear friend Jürgen E. Schrempp, being filmed & interviewed sitting in front of his office door with a standard camcorder by one of his underlings (albeit a high-profile underling :-).
Can you imagine him being as passionate about his work as Ballmer is? Can you imagine him having an office as unpretentious as Ballmer? You can’t?
Think about it.
(Via Scobleizer.)
Update I: Yes, some of Ballmers answers have kind of a rehearsed quality – but that’s not my point.
Update II: Our CEO is even more passionate than Ballmer. But we’re not a billion dollar shop (yet ­čÖé

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