Aug 05

5 Tips for surviving as a Tester

Sara Ford has 5 Tips for surviving as a Tester.

Aug 05

What an excellent quote…

…by Uncle Bob:

“You might find that the XP community is comprised not of a bunch of wild-eyed ‘fanatics’, but of a group of sincere old-timers who simply want to teach the industry (these kids nowadays!) how to take small, careful steps.”

Aug 05

C++ & Memory Management

Len Holgate has an excellent post on C++ & memory management (although the following citation sounds quite harsh, there are lots of insightful thoughts in his post):

Memory is only one of the many resources that need to be managed in a program and if you’re unable to get your head around memory management then you’re unlikely to understand how to manage files, or sockets or database connections or event handles or critical sections…

Having done C & C++ development for almost 20 years now, I would say that memory management is a waste of time for most types of applications. It’s just one more thing to worry about and I would prefer not to worry about it (and have the system worry about it for me) and worry about topics closer to the domain instead.

Aug 05

Best of both worlds…

This is really cool: A web application built as a desktop application.
I wonder if this is the dawn of web applications taking over desktop applications for creating cool GUI apps.

Aug 05

Very cool collaborative drawing tool

Draw with friends.
(Via Loic Le Meur Blog.)

Aug 05

Geoffrey Moore on Open Source

…here’s a great podcast of Geoffrey Moores keynote at the Open Source Business Conference 2005.
Very worth listening too. Most excellent thoughts. Even if you’re not involved with open source at all.
I just listened to it on my new iPod shuffle while driving down highway 280, with cruise control set to 65 ­čÖé

Aug 05

Rules of Success – The Path of Least Resistance

Another post well worth the read: Rules of Success – The Path of Least Resistance.

Aug 05

On professionalism and amateurism

Here’s a most excellent, but rather lengthy essay by Paul Graham on what business can learn from open-source.
Although I would argue about Pauls definition of professionalism, he provides lots of great food for thought.

Aug 05

Working at MS…

Omar Shahine has some excellent advice on working at MS.
Of course, his advice can be applied pretty much at any company. I like
* Get out of your office
* Use your product (the one your customers will)
* Fix things that are broken rather than complain about them being broken
* Use the right communication tool for the job
most. Looks like I should finally get my hands on our product and start using it.

Aug 05


There’s an interesting experiment at HogBaySoftware running a totally transparent company.
[Update: Both the transparency and customer participation experiment is worth checking out.]