How to create great bug reports…

Here’s a site which features great bug reports (mostly on topics related to MacOS X / MS Office X). These bug reports are in depth, with lots of screen-shots, suggestions on how things could be improved etc. In fact, I would be glad if the bug reports we receive would be half as good as these posted on
However (and you knew this would come, don’t you), there’s one major caveat. The author sometimes uses judgmental language to comment on these bugs and the software developers responsible for these bugs.
Don’t do that. Don’t use judgmental or even insulting language.
Refrain from using phrases like “I wonder what these guys have been thinking….” or “It’s obvious that XYZ doesn’t think about…” or “Again, XYZ proves that they don’t pay enough attention to….”. Don’t speculate about issues with the developers code.
State what’s wrong. State what you expect. State how this bug affects you. Provide sample documents/screen shots – anything which may help to resolve the bug.
If you’re really pissed, still use neutral language. If you’re not pissed, but slightly annoyed, use upbeat language. You will be surprised how much this will help a constructive discussion about the bug and how much more attention is paid to your report.