Jan 06

Hiring beta testers

Here’s an interesting post by Wil Shipley on beta-testing.

It’s worth pointing out that beta testing is a great way to start a career in software. It looks good on a resume, and it gets you noticed by engineers in your field — if you submit a bunch of bugs to a company, it shows you have a keen eye and understand software, and they are going to remember your name later. Seriously, we’ve always known our top beta-testers by name, and they get much respect; someone might say, ‘Oh, O’Donnel reported a cosmetic bug in the main panel,’ and the engineers would be all, ‘O’Donnel? Dang, I better hop on that!’

And, in turn, lots of the guys I’ve hired over the years first came to our attention as beta testers.

An interesting twist on the topic of dealing with beta-testers.

Jan 06

Specialized User Interfaces

Here‘s an interesting podcast of Brian Ferren’s speech at Web 2.0.
He makes quite a compelling argument for specialized user interfaces to empower users instead of creating standard GUIs using a keyboard, mouse & monitor for computing tasks.
Although his thoughts are probably not applicable for us working in standard Web/PC-UI Environment, they resonate with the end of consistency in GUIs. Maybe those of us doing traditional desktop apps should think “out-of-the-box” when creating a GUI.
Sometimes standard Windows / MacOS controls don’t cut it.

Jan 06

Bitte nochmal…

…in vollständigen Sätzen.

Jan 06

MW SF Keynote Observations

* Photocasting is a great example for the use of RSS outside of the browser & newsreader. It’s RSS for the rest of us
* The level of integration between the iLife ’06 apps (including, but not limited to .mac) is very impressive
* Selling a 5-user license of iLIfe ’06 for $99 (compared to a single-user license for $79) – what a stupendous move to encourage licensing multiple seats of an application. I wish other companies would do the same
* The MacBook Pro looks like it was rushed to market just to get a higher performing MacOS notebook out there, there are no real innovations there – but i gotta have one – no doubt about it

Jan 06

Behind the scenes at a Jobs keynote

Just-in-time for todays keynote of His Steveness, here’s a great article on all the work that is involved in creating a Steve Jobs Keynote.
Worth reading, especially if you consider yourself to be a member of the Anonymous Perfectionist fellowship.
(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog).