Getting Real

There’s a new book out there by 37signals called Getting Real. True to their philosophy of less features, it’s PDF only.
Not enough features, folks.
If they would have a dead-tree edition of the PDF, I would buy it right away.
* Reading a book on the screen sucks
* Printing out 171 pages on an aging, constantly-paper-jamming laser printer sucks even more
* Reading a stack of 171 (or 171 / 2) DIN A4 / US letter sized sheets of paper while sitting on the, uhm, well, “throne” sucks royally (*).
There’s no alternative to the clean, user-friendly UI of a book.
(*) Hey, I’m a married man & dad of two wonderful daughters. Sitting on the, uhm, well, “throne” is the only time I have left to read a book in peace & quiet)
[Update: No, I don’t want to bind my own paperback book]

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