Closed-Source Cocoa

Andy Dent asks: Closed-Source Cocoa – Arrogance, Empowerment or Commercial Necessity?
Cocoa (and its predecessor NeXTStep) never shipped with source code. I remember seeing one of the early (very impressive) demonstrations of NeXTStep back in the late ’80s and the source was closed right from the start. I brought up the question about availability of the source code (I was a MacApp developer back then, a Object Pascal/C++ framework which shipped with source code). The NeXT engineers said that there’s plenty of documentation available and if they would make source code available, developers might rely on certain, undocumented behavior which is only revealed by looking at the source code.
So I guess it’s just paranoia – which I consider unfortunate. Despite a great community, excellent documentation and superior technical support the availability of source code is extremely import for solving problems efficiently when developing with a framework.

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