Feb 07

The Great Variable Shortage

Tim Ottinger on Outliving The Great Variable Shortage.

Feb 07

Interesting Point of View on OO-Principles & Testing

Roy Osherove on Object Oriented Testable Programming:

…in many ways, pure object oriented design does not go well hand in hand with the notion of testable design.

Feb 07

Uh oh…

Bratt McLaughlin wonders: What’s XML really good for?.
Indeed. Most of the time, XML looks like overkill to me.

Feb 07

How to decide if you should install Windows Vista on your machine…

Hilarious: To Vista or Not To Vista?.

Feb 07

Der Wahnsinn

Wenn es je ein leuchtendes Beispiel für die Mentalitätsunterschiede in den USA & Deutschland gegeben hat, dann das:
Next Generation Entrepreneurs Compete At Google HQ.
Für jeden zu empfehlen, der Kinder hat (oder welche bekommen wird – ob freiwillig oder unfreiwillig, egal ­čÖé

Feb 07

What a coincidence…

Last week we received a printed catalog offering lot’s of useless gadgets and outdated software. However, one item caught our eye:
The USB missile laucher.
And a few days later I stumble across this post which makes me buy it right away: Mac-compatible USB Missile Launcher at Last.