Apr 07


Frank Westphal on Mashups: Remix me! (Wer nicht weiß, was mit Mashups gemeint ist, sollte den Artikel erst recht lesen – sogar auf Deutsch)

Apr 07

On Chick Flicks

Of course, other important ingredients for a Chick Flick are lot’s of interpersonal problems & illnesses (best friend is terminally ill, his or her dog breaks his neck while helping out and leaves five little orphan puppies which get run over by a truck driver who has serious problems with his teenage kid which is drug-addicted and thus needs to see a shrink every two hours – the truck driver, not the kid. He was late for seeing the shrink and this was the reason why he was speeding and ran over the puppies – plus he hated dogs because a fierce dog killed his hamster when he was a kid)

Apr 07

I’m not talking about being on a fucking plane

David Heinemeier Hansson talks about offline web applications: You’re not on a fucking plane (and if you are, it doesn’t matter)!.
No, I’m not on a plane. But I live in a non-urban area – you know, trees and stuff. At home, my DSL download bandwith is limited to 384 kbit/s. My upload bandwidth is 64kbit/s. Did you ever try to upload a picture to your web application with 64kbit/s? Plus, I would like to access my data and work with an application while sitting on our deck. Did you every try to talk your wife into plastering your house with WLAN base stations?
And if I’m on a plane, I may want to access my data and compose content in my applications. I don’t necessarily need the online connection in the plane (especially if it’s $30 for a few hours), but I need access to my data and application.
Plus, there are trains and stuff. Did you ever try to work with a web application in a train where the connectivity is flaky at best?