Sep 07

On O(n) notation

Jeff Atwood: Everything Is Fast For Small n.
On a lighter note, O(n) notation is not related to inlining code in header files.

Sep 07

November, 9th

Uh oh.
Must resist urge to run to the T-Mobile shop around the corner *right now*. Must resist…

Sep 07

Assembler programmers don’t have groupies

Joel Spolsky: Assembler programmers don’t have groupies.

Sep 07

Password / Rainbow Tables / Hashes

Excellent – Required reading: Enough With The Rainbow Tables: What You Need To Know About Secure Password Schemes.

Sep 07

Programmers Day

You know it’s Programmers Day if they opened up a Starbucks about 100m from your office.
Uhm, and the length of our bug/task list is measured in kilometers, so back to work. We need to hit that ship date.

Sep 07

I’ll take fries with that…

Jeff Atwood (slightly rephrased): Complexity is the path of least resistance.