Dec 07

My take on FlickrFan

Fantastic idea, crappy implemention.
What a fantastic idea – Streaming Flickr photo feeds to either a screen saver, HDTV or a digital picture frame. Simple, but effective. Stupendous. Can’t say enough good things about it.
But boy, does the implementation suck. And I’m not talking functionality here – I’m talking about everything else
* Installation
* Look
* Feel
* Usability
* …
While I understand that it’s very tempting to whip up a working prototype in a non-mainstream scripting language in no time, such a prototype shouldn’t be released.
Dave, hire a group of smart students for 2 months and let them do a real, polished, native application for MacOS, Windows & Linux. Think about the leverage such a native application would provide for FlickrFan.
I fondly remember the days when you did real, polished applications for real users.
* I’m *not* saying FlickrFan sucks
* I’m *not* saying Frontier sucks

Dec 07

Converting to Movable Type 4.01

So far, so good. Let’s see if this post shows up on the page.

Dec 07

Das mußte ja mal gesagt werden

Kurzsichtigkeit & IQ.

Dec 07


A67. Pfungstadt. Traffic jam. Blogging about it on my iPhone while cursing at the guy in the car next to me. I guess I just arrived in the future. Yeah, I know I’m the last one. I close the door.

Dec 07


Auch wenn der Artikel von Dietrich Wappler zum Konzert von Bruce Springsteen (SAP Arena / Mannheim) ansonsten von Fehlern und Auslassungen nur so strotzt (auch bei der Rheinpfalz sollte man ein Mindestmaß an Korrektheit verlangen können) – mit dem Ausdruck “Ãœberwältigungsrock” hat er den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen.
13500 mittelalter Jeans & Holzfällerhemd-Träger (und ggf. Frau & Kind, ohne Holzfällerhemden – natürlich 🙂 fanden es klasse. As far as Rockmusik is concerned war das unübertroffen.