My take on FlickrFan

Fantastic idea, crappy implemention.
What a fantastic idea – Streaming Flickr photo feeds to either a screen saver, HDTV or a digital picture frame. Simple, but effective. Stupendous. Can’t say enough good things about it.
But boy, does the implementation suck. And I’m not talking functionality here – I’m talking about everything else
* Installation
* Look
* Feel
* Usability
* …
While I understand that it’s very tempting to whip up a working prototype in a non-mainstream scripting language in no time, such a prototype shouldn’t be released.
Dave, hire a group of smart students for 2 months and let them do a real, polished, native application for MacOS, Windows & Linux. Think about the leverage such a native application would provide for FlickrFan.
I fondly remember the days when you did real, polished applications for real users.
* I’m *not* saying FlickrFan sucks
* I’m *not* saying Frontier sucks