Aug 08

Software hygiene?

Seth Godin – More vs. enough.
Great thought to start the day.

Aug 08

The Null Pattern is a Good Thing

Great reminder: The Null Pattern is a Good Thing.

Aug 08

Time Management – The Trickle List

Well worth a read for anyone interested in time-management: The Trickle List.

Aug 08

Tiny Types

Tiny Types – Going overboard with classes? I don’t think so. The real problem is that it’s ways to expensive to add a new class to the system in C++.
How do we make it cheaper?

Aug 08

Embedded Smalltalk?

A Smalltalk implementation which is explicitely targeted towards embedding in other applications: Smalltalk YX. Sounds great.
(Via James Robertson).

Aug 08

The secret of the web

Seth Godin: The secret of the web: Patience.
I wonder if this is the secret of the web or something bigger (software development, success, …). You name it.

Aug 08

iPhone Apps & Hamburgers

TechCrunch: iPhone Apps: One Month And 60 Million Downloads Later. But Not One Of Them Is A Killer App.
If an application is 99 cent, it doesn’t matter if it’s a killer app.
A hamburger is 99 cent, too. It disappears in a few seconds. Why wonder about applications which are 99 cent? If I’m using the application for more than 60 seconds, it’s a great deal. If I’m using them for a few minutes, it’s a fantastic deal. That’s way longer than it takes to wolf down the hamburger. I may even have fun using the application. Plus it’s way healthier…
So, why bother?

Aug 08

Fantastic Series on Concurrency…

…by Herb Sutter in Dr. Dobbs Journal. If you’re into C++, Herb’s blog is a must-read. Plus, check out the feeds available at Dr. Dobbs Journal:

[Updated 5/22/09 with the latest list of articles]

Aug 08

This looks like a stupendous blog…

…for Real Programmers:
pagetable.com – Deals with such topics as the 6502 illegal opcodes etc.