Nov 08

Google Guide to Writing Testable Code

Guide to Writing Testable Code.
Excellent stuff. Make sure to click through:

  • Constructor does Real Work
  • Digging into Collaborators
  • Brittle Global State & Singletons
  • Class Does Too Much

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    Nov 08

    Solution vs. Feature Requests

    Quit Putting Your Solution In My Feature Request!

    Getting feature requests instead of solution requests – priceless.

    Nov 08

    Looks like…

    …somebody touched a nerve with Uncle Bob:

    Do you want to know the real secret behind writing good software? Do you want to know the process that will keep your code clean? Do you want the magic bullet, the secret sauce, the once and for all one and only truth?

    OK, here it is. Are you ready? The secret is…

    The secret is…

    Do a good job.

    Oh, yeah, and stop blaming everything (and everybody) else for your own laziness.

    And to do a good job, you gotta work hard on improving your code and your skills. Every day.

    What did you learn today that makes you do a better job tomorrow?