Avoid Alert Dialogs / Messages…

Yammer 2.0 for iPhone is a huge improvement over 1.0. Local caching. Improved performance. Way better usability. Excellent.
One gripe. After composing and sending a new message to yammer, I am greeted with the following alert:


Which requires me to press “OK” in order to proceed with my quest of wading through a morning’s list of messages while waiting for the car in front of me to move another inch through morning traffic jam.

In order to avoid the alert dialog / message, I would suggest to insert the new message into my list of messages, probably marked with a special badge or color in order to let the user know that the message was sent.

Lesson to be learned:

Avoid alerts at all cost. They get in the way of the user. Most of the time, users don’t read them, anyway. There’s almost always a way to achieve same goal without an alert dialog.

(…stepping down from soapbox)