AdMob mobile ads…

Ads shown in Tweetie, Twitterific or NetNewsWire are delivered by The Deck (which specializes in ads for a specific target audience). These ads are relevant to me. In fact, these ads are so relevant and interesting that sometimes I wish I could turn on the ads although I licensed the product. Plus, and that’s big plus, the ads are tasteful and well designed. Another big plus, maybe the biggest plus of all is the way the ads are integrated in the applications. They are part of the natural flow and UI of the application. No content is obscured. Nothing flashes or moves. I almost look at the ads as part of the applications content. Close to perfect.

My observation is that mobile ads delivered via AdMob in different iPhone “Lite” apps are neither. They are neither well designed, nor relevant to me nor are they well integrated with the apps. Most of the time they slide in, obscure content and are generally very annoying.

[Update: Another great ad network delivering tasteful apps is Fusion Ads]