Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-28

  • La Plagne en Savoie – WiFi is working ok – paid, but working ok. Je vous souhaite une agreéable journeé. #

Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-25

  • Merry Christmas everyone. About 20cm fresh snow over here. #
  • Hier schneit's übrigens immer noch… #
  • Got "The Promise – Darkness on the Edge of Town Story" package for Christmas. Now for an extended ripping session. #
  • @Devteros Klar, das wichtigste Geschenk des Jahres… in reply to Devteros #
  • Also got John Mellencamp's "No better than this". Recorded in mono. Opinionated. #

Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-23

  • Today has been a great day except for the lack of the letter "E" in a crucial file's name. #
  • Private, handgeschriebene Weihnachtskarte eines geschätzten Kollegen bekommen. Glücklicherweise hab' ich absolut kein schlechtes Gewissen. #
  • Received hand-written christmas card from valued colleague. Appreciated. Glad I'm not feeling any guilt about not writing christmas cards. #
  • Name of colleague withdrawn to protect the innocent 🙂 #
  • eXtreme Christbaum-Schmücking… #

Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-21

Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-20

  • Welchen Zweck hat eigentlich diese Wahl zum Sportler des Jahres? #sinnfrage #

Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-18

Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-17

  • Ah, die vielzitierte "Schneefront" ist endlich auch in Rheinzabern angekommen…Erstmal drüber schlafen… #

Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-16

  • Wenn der nächste westliche Diplomat gegenüber den Chinesen das Thema "Zensur" anspricht, fallen diese doch vor Lachen vom Stuhl #wikileaks #
  • …oder sie bieten uns Technologie an, mit der die Sache mal so richtig sauber funktioniert #wikileaks #
  • RT @Devteros The Dangers Of Externalizing Knowledge http://j.mp/eJNYXl – Wozu brauch' ich ein Gedächtnis wenn ich Google hab'? Lesenswert. #
  • RT @Devteros The Dangers Of Externalizing Knowledge http://j.mp/eJNYXl – Why should I use my own memory instead of Google? Recommended. #

Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-11

  • Watching daughter #2 watching Camp Rock 2 on TV. Terrifying. Unbelievably bad. Atrocious. Now I know the end of Western civilization is near #
  • They even mention #springsteen in a – ahm – song. Excuse me, but this is profanity. There are people in jail for lesser crimes. #camprock2 #
  • On a totally different topic – used Penultimate iPad app + pogosketch stylus during a 5h+ meeting to take notes. Worked like a charm. #
  • On the other hand, it didn't make the meeting any more efficient… #
  • Finally got my act together and got the full version of @instapaper. Fantastic tool. Highly recommended. #
  • I would be able to type five times as fast on my iPad if I wouldn't have to manually correct auto-correction. #
  • Very thoughtful essay by @anildash on Google's Microsoft Moment – http://instapaper.com/zs4djyc1G #
  • RT @RonJeffries: At last, a method that everyone apparently already understands: abject-oriented programming. http://bit.ly/19t5lR #

Dec 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-10

  • RT @davewiner "See the problem isn't that WikiLeaks is lying, the problem is that they're telling the truth" – http://bit.ly/fWgDSi #
  • 11:10pm – Snooker on TV, browsing Twitter timeline – first break for today. Wonder if I should hone my TDD skills after the break. #
  • Erst hast Du einen Tag mit 5h+ Meeting im Büro, dann verreckt zuhause ein Wasserhahn inkl. Dichtung am Waschbecken #bedient #
  • Von dem Banküberfall um die Ecke während des Meetings will ich gar nicht erst reden #bedient #
  • RT @FridayBruceFix You complain about the clothes I wear, and you explain there's other boys out there #springsteen http://www.fridaybrucefix.com #