Twitter Updates for 2010-12-11

  • Watching daughter #2 watching Camp Rock 2 on TV. Terrifying. Unbelievably bad. Atrocious. Now I know the end of Western civilization is near #
  • They even mention #springsteen in a – ahm – song. Excuse me, but this is profanity. There are people in jail for lesser crimes. #camprock2 #
  • On a totally different topic – used Penultimate iPad app + pogosketch stylus during a 5h+ meeting to take notes. Worked like a charm. #
  • On the other hand, it didn't make the meeting any more efficient… #
  • Finally got my act together and got the full version of @instapaper. Fantastic tool. Highly recommended. #
  • I would be able to type five times as fast on my iPad if I wouldn't have to manually correct auto-correction. #
  • Very thoughtful essay by @anildash on Google's Microsoft Moment – #
  • RT @RonJeffries: At last, a method that everyone apparently already understands: abject-oriented programming. #