Twitter Updates for 2011-10-15

  • iPhone 4S up & running & new SIM activated. Now for the Lion upgrade. #
  • Hope @twitterrific will use system-wide Twitter settings soon. #
  • Lion Upgrade almost done. Including 1GB update download via Country-DSL. Xcode 3.2 still works. Further bulletins as events warrant. #
  • Trying to setup iCloud for both iPhone 4S and MBP – This will be fun. I expect about each iCal entry to reappear as least four instances. #
  • Scrolling is fun on Lion. But you already knew that, I'm just late to the party, as always. #
  • Pro tip: Always skip one gadget release. It makes upgrading so much more worthwhile. #
  • You know iCloud migration worked just fine if you receive an out-of-office notification for an event invitation conformation sent June '10. #