Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe, 9th Meeting

This time, we decided to do the widely known Roman Calculator Kata. Coding via a beamer worked surprisingly well, especially after Nicole took over who’s a way faster & smarter typist than yours truly.

A couple of observations:

  • Although we started doing TDD (with the proper focus on “Driven”), the group quickly moved away from “doing the simplest thing that could possibly work” and started putting out new algorithmic variants of the solution at an amazing rate using the existing tests as a safety net
  • Taking small steps is a challenge if you’re in a room with smart people who tend to solve the problem right away by applying their superior brains
  • Taking baby steps is even harder in such a setting
  • It would be an interesting exercise to clean up the code produced as much as possible (and making it as C or C++ like as possible while doing so)
  • It would be an interesting exercise to start over with a clean slate and try a different order of the tests and see how this effects the algorithm chosen
  • Another variant would be to start with or at least add tests which check for edge cases or error conditions
  • Note to self: More cold soft drinks are needed / programmer food would be nice, too

A great, educational way to spend the evening. Thanks to all the participants – I look forward to the next meeting.