Short recap of the Wrecking Ball tour’s 2012 German leg (yup, I’m very late)

(Should get this months old draft out there before the 2013 leg of the tour is upon us 😉

Not sure if I qualify as a Bruce Springsteen “fan”. With fandom, I do associate hysterical screaming (and I’m far from it). “Mild stalking” is another characterization I associate with fandom. Most certainly, I’m not interested in the private life of neither Bruce Springsteen nor members of the E Street Band.

However, I do care deeply about the music. Everybody has a certain kind of music which deeply resonates with him or her. And Bruce Springsteen’s music deeply resonates with me.

Frankfurt was special as I took my wife and my two older daughters with me. We got seats on the right hand side quite far from the stage. The concert, however, became absolutely magical as Bruce & the E Street band clearly loosened up in the last quarter of the concert. Summertime Blues in the main set came unexpected, and the departure from the standard encores played on the tour so far with Cadillac Ranch, Sherry Darling & Glory Days made my day.

For Cologne, a slightly more intimate stadium than Frankfurt, I managed to get front of stage tickets. Unfortunately, I missed the pit roll calls by about 15minutes (shouldn’t have stopped for a bathroom break during the 2.5h drive to Cologne ;-), but found a nice, relatively short queue in the shades. Met a few nice folks who provided me with priceless advice on how to convince my wife to do a few more Springsteen concerts (Hint: Trade shopping/sightseeing in Milan/Florence for spending the evening at Springsteen concerts). I got lucky and ended up maybe 12th “row” on the left side of the stage, with a great view of the fantastic performance and hard work Nils Lofgren is putting into the show.

For the Berlin trip (kindly sponsored by my aforementioned wife), I showed up early at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, got my number (171) and spent the day either queueing, showing up for the roll call or queueing & reading (Recommend classic car magazines). A worthwhile effort, as I got a great spot in the pit (about 5th row) on the right side of the stage right in front of Steven van Zandt. The big news was, of course, the opening song “When I leave Berlin” which was extensively rehearsed during the soundcheck and an absolutely beautiful rendition of “Save my Love”.

I didn’t expect the Wrecking Ball material to be a perfect fit for a stadium setting. Of course, I was wrong. It worked out great, lot’s of feedback from the audience.

Was it worthwhile? You bet. Rumors suggest that there might be a second european leg next year (Munich? Hamburg?) I’m very much looking forward to it, maybe “Racing in the Street” this time? I hope to put the free advice I got in Cologne to good use and try to get a few more 2013 concerts in Italy or Spain on my schedule.

Pro tip: Get a Mophie Juice Pack Plus for your iPhone if you intend to tweet the setlist. It’s $§&! ugly (the Mophie, not the setlist), but it will double your battery capacity during the show. And trust me, you’ll need it as you’re desperately trying to get your tweets through the congested ether at the venue.