Developing a Vectorworks 2013 Plug-in, TDD-style – Updated Epilogue

The code

I have updated the project files for my series “Developing a Vectorworks 2011 Plug-in, TDD-style”.

Please download the Xcode 4.6 / Visual Studio 2010 project files (haven’t tested it explicitly, but should work with Visual Studio 2012, too) for use with Vectorworks 2013 including all the sources here – The folder SimpleCabinet2013 should be dropped into Vectorworks 2013 SDK’s Sources folder, like this:

Please note that the projects assume that the folder hierarchy is set up like this.

The project features two targets, a testing target named “CppUnitLite2” and the plug-in module shared library target, which outputs to /Applications/Vectorworks2013/Plug-ins. You will notice that all classes plus tests are contained in ExtObject.cpp. I’m doing this for small spikes – in real life, I would put each class in a separate file, no code in the header file etc.

The code drop features additional tests, refactorings and more usage of VWFC in SimpleCabinetCreator.

There’s also a Vectorworks document with a Simple Cabinet object included for your convenience.