May 13

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Munich 5/26/2013


A great show requiring quite some effort by both the band and the audience – Everybody involved made it work by sheer willpower. The weather didn’t bode well for the show:

It was f&$%cking cold. The band had heaters on stage to warm their hands. Everybody wore hats, scarves and gloves. I recall Nils Lofgren even upgrading his scarf to a somewhat warmer version early in the set.

It was f&$%cking wet. The rain was pouring down all afternoon and all evening.

It was f&$%cking windy. The gusty winds in the Olympic Stadium didn’t make the weather more comfortable.

But the pit audience endured the rain and stood in line & waited for the concert more than 7 hours+. #235 got me a place about 3rd row right in front of Nils Lofgren.

As @markusrill eloquently put it:

Springsteen’s show in Munich was a most amazing display of professionalism, showmanship and heart.

The set was targeted towards keeping the crowd moving, the full Born in the USA album (much appreciated) was played. Bruce mentioned a couple of times how much they appreciated us supporting the band despite the weather. After having seen the Hannover show 2 days later I think it’s a safe bet that he was out in the pouring rain on the front platform even more often than usual to show his support for the audience.


My personal highlights were (*)

  • Long Walk Home (unfortunately without Steve’s solo part)
  • Seaside Bar Song (hadn’t heard it live so far)
  • Rosalita (of course)
  • My Hometown (with audience participating in the outro)


Was it worth waiting in the cold rain for 7h+ to see the concert from the pit? You bet. It was worth every minute. Uplifting. They’re that good.

(*) With quite a couple of concerts under my belt, I’m still waiting for “Racing in the Streets”.