May 13

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Munich 5/26/2013


A great show requiring quite some effort by both the band and the audience – Everybody involved made it work by sheer willpower. The weather didn’t bode well for the show:

It was f&$%cking cold. The band had heaters on stage to warm their hands. Everybody wore hats, scarves and gloves. I recall Nils Lofgren even upgrading his scarf to a somewhat warmer version early in the set.

It was f&$%cking wet. The rain was pouring down all afternoon and all evening.

It was f&$%cking windy. The gusty winds in the Olympic Stadium didn’t make the weather more comfortable.

But the pit audience endured the rain and stood in line & waited for the concert more than 7 hours+. #235 got me a place about 3rd row right in front of Nils Lofgren.

As @markusrill eloquently put it:

Springsteen’s show in Munich was a most amazing display of professionalism, showmanship and heart.

The set was targeted towards keeping the crowd moving, the full Born in the USA album (much appreciated) was played. Bruce mentioned a couple of times how much they appreciated us supporting the band despite the weather. After having seen the Hannover show 2 days later I think it’s a safe bet that he was out in the pouring rain on the front platform even more often than usual to show his support for the audience.


My personal highlights were (*)

  • Long Walk Home (unfortunately without Steve’s solo part)
  • Seaside Bar Song (hadn’t heard it live so far)
  • Rosalita (of course)
  • My Hometown (with audience participating in the outro)


Was it worth waiting in the cold rain for 7h+ to see the concert from the pit? You bet. It was worth every minute. Uplifting. They’re that good.

(*) With quite a couple of concerts under my belt, I’m still waiting for “Racing in the Streets”.

Sep 09

Work ethic

After experiencing the “Magic” tour concert of Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band in 2008, I felt inclined to draft a blog post on “Bruce Springsteen and Work Ethic”. However, I never finished it because I couldn’t quite find the right words.

Luckily, I stalled.

Today, I found an excellent blog post by Craig Peters which sums up the topic quite nicely:

Work ethic is just one of many reasons why the Springsteen canon has become the soundtrack of a generation and why he continues to create five-star albums while so many of his contemporaries have drifted off into the nooks and crannies of retirement and classic rock radio.
The energy, passion and dedication he brings to his work is unmatched in the entertainment world. We’d all love to bring the same kind of energy, passion and dedication to our own work, whatever it might be.

You can always argue about music, taste or if a certain artist / kind of music resonates with you – but you can’t argue about the work ethic, energy & dedication you should bring to your job.

Make sure to read Craig’s complete post.

Dec 07


Auch wenn der Artikel von Dietrich Wappler zum Konzert von Bruce Springsteen (SAP Arena / Mannheim) ansonsten von Fehlern und Auslassungen nur so strotzt (auch bei der Rheinpfalz sollte man ein Mindestmaß an Korrektheit verlangen können) – mit dem Ausdruck “Ãœberwältigungsrock” hat er den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen.
13500 mittelalter Jeans & Holzfällerhemd-Träger (und ggf. Frau & Kind, ohne Holzfällerhemden – natürlich 🙂 fanden es klasse. As far as Rockmusik is concerned war das unübertroffen.