Jan 07


Watch it. You may learn something on how to give an insanely great presentation.

Jul 06

5 Mark in die Chauvi-Kasse…

…aber der ist einfach zu gut.

May 06

Martin Luther King, Jr.: I Have a Dream

If Christoph blogs, you can count on him blogging something deeply relevant: Martin Luther King, Jr.: I Have a Dream.
Even though the speech was delivered more than 40 years ago, it’s still relevant today.
Back to our regular scheduled programming.

Feb 06

Campfire – I don’t get it

There’s a new, slick service by 37signals: Campfire. As expected, a very nice piece of web software.
But….I don’t get it.
Home vs. homeless
They have a point that the invitation process of existing chat clients is cumbersome.
Network compatibility
Well, this translates into having a chat client running (for communicating with all those traditionals like me) plus having an open web-page for group chats. Not very appealing.
File sharing
Well, for most businesses, it doesn’t matter. Because everyone uses the same chat client anyway.
History and transcripts
I’m using iChat, which logs each and every chat incident. Plus, there’s a tool to search these logs.
That’s a nice feature.
Well, yeah. But do you send each and every business e-mail encrypted? I don’t think so.
Plus, my chat client is free. No cost. Zero. I don’t think they have enough compelling arguments for businesses to switch.

Dec 05

iTunes TV shows

Now that Jay Leno & Conan O’Brian are available on iTunes, how am I supposed to buy the shows? No, I’m not located in the US.
There’s a really cool, weekly podcast-like show called iSchmidt available in the German iTunes store. How do I subscribe to the show? Does the iTunes music store expects me purchase every show every week?
It would be very cool if I could subscribe to a weekly show (like iSchmidt or Conan O’Brian) and my credit card would be charged if and only if I actually listen to or watch the show.

Nov 05

Why blog?

I had a brief conversation on why blog at all with an old friend of mine (back from our days at the university), so here’s a great presentation on corporate blogging by Loic le Meur on this very topic.

Nov 05

The Dilbert Blog

If you like Dilbert, you must read Scott Adams blog: The Dilbert Blog.

Nov 05


A few notes on my vacation in Turkey

  • Mobile phone usage there is just amazing
  • A 1GB iPod shuffle worth of music with a fully loaded battery is enough for 14 days of listening (if you’re a busy dad, of course)
  • Speaking of iPods, leaving the earphones in your (open) backpack while your daughters are busy simulating a mole is a bad idea – in fact, I have to get new earphones
  • You shouldn’t try to start playing Tennis at an advanced age (at least my back was telling me that)
  • Turkish food is bad for your diet, but very tasty

Speaking of Turkish food, the 90% rule obviously applies to baklava, too: You need 90% sugar, 90% nuts and 90% filo dough to create a great baklava.

Nov 05

Bold move

Coming back from my vacation, I had 1700 new entries in my RSS feed list to process.
I decided to just go ahead and mark all of them as read – except my own companies RSS feeds and my personal A-List, of course. Down to 80 unread entries.

Oct 05

Schikane in Quebec

Für alle Lucky Luke Liebhaber: Schikane in Quebec. Achdé & Gerra sind würdige Nachfolger von Morris & Goscinny. Und dazu noch sehr gut übersetzt. Sehr empfehlenswert.