Oct 09

Avoid Alert Dialogs / Messages…

Yammer 2.0 for iPhone is a huge improvement over 1.0. Local caching. Improved performance. Way better usability. Excellent.
One gripe. After composing and sending a new message to yammer, I am greeted with the following alert:


Which requires me to press “OK” in order to proceed with my quest of wading through a morning’s list of messages while waiting for the car in front of me to move another inch through morning traffic jam.

In order to avoid the alert dialog / message, I would suggest to insert the new message into my list of messages, probably marked with a special badge or color in order to let the user know that the message was sent.

Lesson to be learned:

Avoid alerts at all cost. They get in the way of the user. Most of the time, users don’t read them, anyway. There’s almost always a way to achieve same goal without an alert dialog.

(…stepping down from soapbox)

Sep 08

Painted on the inside

Great post by David Weiss: Painted on the inside.
If there’s only one thing you need to read today, than this is it.

Mar 08

This one is too good not to pass on….


Jan 08

Reading Word documents on my iPhone…

…received an e-mail with a Word document attached. Downloaded and read the Word file on my iPhone while my little daughter was busy climbing on the local playground.
I’m impressed (both by my daughters’s climbing skills and the fact the downloading & reading a 3MB word file worked flawlessly).

Jan 08

Is this cool or what…

GrabFS. The Screenshot File System.

May 07

The Humble Dialog Box & more…

Even if you are not into .NET, WinForms etc. this series by Jeremy D. Miller is a great one to follow. Posts so far:

Plus, as a bonus, you will notice that Jeremy is not afraid of using really long function names:
void CloseTheScreenWhenTheScreenIsDirtyAndTheUserDecidesNOTToDiscardTheChanges()
And I’m mentioning this not to make fun of Jeremy.

Jan 07

Tog on iPhone

User interface guru Bruce Tognazzini talks about the iPhone.

Dec 06

Managing expectations

Another great post from Creating Passionate Users: Don’t make the Demo look Done.
But you have them in your reading list already, don’t you?

Nov 06

Too many features / choices

Excellent post by Joel Spolsky:

This highlights a style of software design…driven by a desire for consensus and for “Making Everybody Happy,” but it’s based on the misconceived notion that lots of choices make people happy, which we really need to rethink.

Sep 06

Creating Passionate Users on empowering users

Creating Passionate Users: Ease-of-use should not mean neuter-the-software.