Sep 06

Complete Lack of Taste

I’m speechless.
Please note that I’m not bashing neither the features nor the capabilities of the device. Not at all.

Jul 06

Activity-Centered Design

Excellent read: Logic Versus Usage: The Case for Activity-Centered Design.

May 06


Creating passionate users:

Make the right things easy and the wrong things hard.

Apr 06

Office 12 UI

I applaud the courage of the Office 12 UI team to take the risk and introduce a new UI (the “Ribbon” being the most prominent feature of the new UI) to deal with making Office more accessible, discoverable and in the very end, usable.
This is great stuff and worth looking into in great detail. Here are some great resources on the new Office 12 UI:
* BayCHI session video & audio
* Jensen Harris’ Blog

Mar 06

Getting Real

There’s a new book out there by 37signals called Getting Real. True to their philosophy of less features, it’s PDF only.
Not enough features, folks.
If they would have a dead-tree edition of the PDF, I would buy it right away.
* Reading a book on the screen sucks
* Printing out 171 pages on an aging, constantly-paper-jamming laser printer sucks even more
* Reading a stack of 171 (or 171 / 2) DIN A4 / US letter sized sheets of paper while sitting on the, uhm, well, “throne” sucks royally (*).
There’s no alternative to the clean, user-friendly UI of a book.
(*) Hey, I’m a married man & dad of two wonderful daughters. Sitting on the, uhm, well, “throne” is the only time I have left to read a book in peace & quiet)
[Update: No, I don’t want to bind my own paperback book]

Mar 06


Watch this: Dabble DB Demo.
Database stuff still is cool.

Mar 06


Coding Horror:

Web Forms: Death By a Thousand Textboxes

Interesting thoughts on reducing the number of textboxes & text entry controls in a UI.

Mar 06

Another Take on Simplicity

Cem Basman: Simplicity is about staying simple.

Feb 06

Another great take on error messages…

Another great post on Coding Horror: Error Codes Must Die.

Feb 06

Making technology simple

Excellent post: Making technology simple.
Kind of resonates with my thoughts on lacking advances in UI design.